GrapevineStar™ – Neighborhood Values Worldwide Entertainment™

A neighborhood is a geographically localized community within a larger city or suburb. Neighborhoods are social communities with considerable interaction among members.

Founded in Historic Grapevine, Texas by media and entertainment veteran, Jacob R. Miles III, CEO of Grapevine Star Entertainment Inc., GrapevineStar™ is a global provider of research based content, product development, licensing and distribution services to the media and entertainment industry.

GrapevineStar helps business operators (companies, governments, educators, organizations, etc.) worldwide grow their revenue.

The company’s mission is to maintain a leadership position in the creative development, ownership, and management of content from digital media to real-world products. The company uses it’s internal and external social networks and directories for video/audio syndication, distribution and to support its research efforts along with generating leads for sales and content acquisitions.

This mission’s reality is found in that GrapevineStar owns and represents over 50 intellectual properties that are in various stages of development and distribution.

The company’s site is a news & directory service that provides access to over 500 niche focused social networks, including I.P. sites & other GrapevineStar initiated websites. It also has a virtual world & 2 (B2B & B2C) social network platforms in development.



For Content Creators:
Start by getting your product or idea professionally assessed. GrapevineStar has several programs designed to fit the needs of media and entertainment companies and professionals who want to increase or begin to generate revenue from their content or idea. Contact us at Info [AT]

For Media & Entertainment Companies & Manufacturers:
Start by contacting us about licensing opportunities at Info [AT]