Our Mission:  To change the negative perception of the African continent.

Based upon the works of internationally acclaimed artist, Lap Ngo, the Beautiful Africa™ brand is a reflection of all that is beautiful about Africa – its people, natural resources, heritage, culture and arts.

Beautiful Africa, LLC along with its supporters at Grapevine Star Entertainment, Inc., licensing partners, celebrities, business leaders, artists and education professionals in Africa and around the world are joining together to develop, promote and distribute media, entertainment and consumer products to a global audience.

Thank you for your interest in Beautiful Africa, LLC. We invite you to join us in a movement to change the way the world looks at Africa. Below are marketing materials and sample story and resource books that provide a better understanding of who we are and what we do.

Company Overview
Beautiful Africa™ company overview.
Company Backgrounder
Learn about our mission, our company, our team, our products and the artist behind the Beautiful Africa™ brand.
Fact Sheet
Beautiful Africa™ Who, What, Where and Why.
Celebrities and Beautiful Africa™
Experiences, quotes and comments from some celebrities and leaders regarding the continent of Africa.
Products Overview
Beautiful Africa™ products overview.
Other Products
Learn about more great Beautiful Africa™ products.
Children’s Educational Books
An overview of our children’s educational books that feature original illustrations, engaging, age-appropriate stories, and curriculum to create and educational journey to help young readers develop a better understanding, appreciation and respect for Africa.
10 Days in Beautiful Africa™ Board Game
Learn about the unpredictable game of making connections that makes learning African geography easy and fun.
Marketing Overview
Beautiful Africa™ marketing overview.
Beautiful Africa™ events overview.
Africa Recovery, United Nations Article
A Togolese girl addresses the UN Special Session on Children.
Beautiful Africa™, A New Way To Look At Africa™: A Young Giraffe With a Long, Long Neck The Young Giraffe with a Long, Long Neck (Grades K-2)
A fun-loving, young giraffe is sad when animals in the savanna do not want to play with her. Growing up and trying to find your place in the world is often difficult. The Young Giraffe with a Long, Long Neck tells the story of a young African giraffe who finds her place while learning to appreciate her differences.
Beautiful Africa™, A New Way To Look At Africa™: Teo the Termite Teo the Termite (Grades K-2)
Teo the Termite is a story that uses African animals to help teach a lesson about responsibility. Teo agrees to help his mom build a mound. While out collecting dirt for the mound, Teo is easily distracted from his task. He spends most of the day playing with his African friends and returns home with no dirt for the mound. A disappointed mom helps Teo realize that he had not been responsible. With the help of his friends, Teo is able to collect dirt so that a new mound may be built.
Beautiful Africa™, A New Way To Look At Africa™: Becoming a Warrior Becoming a Warrior (Grades 3-4)
The passage into manhood is a big event in African society. Young boys must be not only brave, but also resourceful in order to be desirable as a husband and provider for their family. The story tells of a young boy practicing to become a warrior as he prepares for manhood. He recounts his father’s bravery in saving the village from a marauding lion.